About HEAD Exodus

1. Exodus 2: 5-6 - "And the daughter of Pharaoh came down to wash herself, to the river, and her maidens walked beside the river, and she saw a basket among the reeds and sent her slave girl, and she took it and she opened it. and I saw him, the child, and here the boy crying, and took pity on him and said: of the children ivrim this. "

Explanation: The name Moses comes from the verb Limshoh (pull). Its intended meaning of the text, Moshe was pulled out of the water (the river). But the inner meaning is that water - a symbol of Sephiroth Chesed. Moshe's soul was "guest" of the previous cycle of civilization, which refers to the Sephira Chesed. And our cycle - under the Sefira Gevura.

And it is a separate subject in the pre-Lurianic Kabbalah. Rabbi Isaac of Akko (Nachmanides student) deduced the age of the universe at 13.5 billion. Years. The early Kabbalists believed that there are seven cycles (in the story of Creation, the word "created" occurs seven times. And these cycles correspond to the seven lower Sephiroth. Our whether a second, or sixth. But I do not know that they (the early Kabbalists ) believes stems from this.

2. Exodus 3: 5-6 - "And he said, (Gd): Do not come here, take off your shoes from your feet, for the place on which you stand is holy ground And he said: I am Gd. your father, the Gd of Abraham, Isaac, Gd and Gd Yaakova. and Moshe closed his face, because was afraid to look at God. "

Explanation: The "take off your shoes" - reject material (by Nachmanides). Without doing this, you can not approach the properties of the Creator. But why Moshe was afraid to "see" Gd, as it says, "you can not see God and remain alive?" This means that the unprepared vessel can not receive the Light of the Creator, not for himself. So get for yourself what is called breaking of the vessels and (spiritual) death.

3. Exodus 3:14 - "And Gd said to Moses, I will ... as I will ... And he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel:" I will be "sent me to you."

Explanation: There are ten indelible Holy Names of the Creator, each of which corresponds to one of the Sephiroth. This name - is associated with the Sefira Keter. This is the "highest" manifestation, so Pharaoh without knowing it, has decided that this is not Gd.

4. Exodus 3:17 - "And I said, I will bring you out from under the yoke of the land of Mizraim Canaan, and Hiti, and Emory, and prizes, and Jivi and yevusi (and girgashi)."

Explanation:.. Seven nations of Canaan is an allusion to the seven Sefirot uncleanness "Therefore commanded to correct them (destroy, banish, etc.) Out of Mizraim (from the power of Impurities) means purification.

5. Exodus 4: 2-3 - "And the Lord said to him: What is it in your hand and he said: Staff And He said, Throw it on the ground and he threw it on the ground, and he became a serpent, and fled?.. Moshe from him. "

Explanation: Staff - Faith above reason. If you despise it, to quit the ground, you get a snake - obscurantism.

6. Exodus 5: 10-11 - "So Pharaoh said: I (a) do not give you chopped straw as you go, take for yourselves straw (there), where you will find, for not subtracting from your work.".

Explanation: straw - "porridge" in Hebrew, and it hints at the "Cauchy" - difficulties. Without difficulties can not be willed to commit spiritual work and get out of the power of impurity. For what would come out of ivrim Sewage Egypt, sent their difficulties. And if on the simple meaning of the verse is negative, the Kabbalistic meaning it purely positive.