On the steps of trepidation

There are several types of awe before the Creator.

1. The thrill of selfish. It is divided into two categories:

- fear of getting punished (or not to receive benefits) in this world;

- the fear of punishment in Geinome.

Selfish thrill is not present. After all, in fact there is not a person interested in the Creator. Sensations associated only with the fear of suffering.

2. The thrill of real, true. It comes from an awareness of the greatness of the Creator.

A follows manifested mutual relation steps. Current attained spiritual level is felt as the most highest. But when raised to a new level, it already feels like an old clip. And that man did not stop there, "tease" his reflection of higher stages, as mentioned in the Talmud - "the world your behold you in life, but it turned out in the future." And also give fall to re-flared desire to move forward (as it is written - "right hand pulls and pushes the left"). And we must understand that it is not necessary to exhaust yourself in the event of a fall. All is what the "self-analysis" - regret that now discarded from the Creator, and thinking about how to move forward.