Custom is not a commandment, no formal "sanctions" More than stipulated. But the roots of many traditions run deep into the bowels of the sacred knowledge. Such as the custom of wearing a pile. Well, what exactly is ustrozheniya (humrot)? The idea is some "fences" that are designed to close and not let the person to a violation of the prohibitions. This is the idea, but in reality? And in it, so that there is no limit ustrozheniyam ...

The roots of the customs is one thing, and the roots Humrot quite another. Some are without foundation, the other is akin to "Minhagim shtut" - the so-called "Foolish custom". Clip generated by ignorance of the boundaries of the permitted and the forbidden. When you do not see the development of "up", are beginning to develop "breadth". And already there is a snowball of ustrozheny. When do Jewish humrot, a course there are other people (as with "ima Taliban").

And another unclean root has these Humrot. This desire to make a career in the environment. Since becoming Gaon (Torah Sage) is extremely difficult, and mohel, and Shoikhet smotriley mikveh a dime a dozen - assumed a try from themselves righteous by ustrozheniya ustrozheny. Pure selfishness, not having a spiritual nothing.

And now the most important thing: you can not make others suffer for his neuroticism. Transplanted women at the end of the bus, defiantly jump out of the elevator, when there came a lady, wearing clothes that were in fashion in V.Evrope 200 years ago, and so on. It is no coincidence, we are witnessing how neuroticism ustrozheny develops into public squabbling ..