In a Jewish state has several purposes - one global (rooted in the Torah) and several third-party, the rationale for which was born in the minds of people. We consider these goals, but first a few words about what is a "Jewish state."

Strictly speaking he has several substitutes. For example "state of the Jews" - gos.obrazovanie in which most of the inhabitants were Jews. Something similar is built nowadays in Israel. But such a form could well imagine to exist in Uganda and Argentina. Yes, even in Birobidzhan - because no spiritual connection with the Land of Israel in it there. Another pseudo-Israel is "the state of Halacha" - the form in which most broadly implemented and executed by law enforcement to comply with religious laws. Something like Iran or Saudi Arabia. When scrupulous adherence to the letter of law, completely missing his Spirit.

Such pseudo-Jewish social and state forms can be justified only by external goals and temporarily. Example: the Zionists have built "a haven for all the Jews." This function has become irrelevant (due to lower levels of anti-Semitism and the disappearance of its extreme form) and the Social-Zionism has died, and the Jews were pulled back.

So we gradually come to the main topic. Let us try to formulate the notion of a Jewish state, or (as you close) - the Company's Torah. It is a society built on voluntary compliance with not only the letter but also the law of the Spirit. Society where the rule of morality, mercy, mutual assistance. Society in which it is impossible to drop below the level of dignity (because you raise), but there is no desire for luxuries. Needless to say, we are now incredibly far from it. And it was not known whether such a society ever in our history. But all this does not negate the desire for it.

Such righteous society can only exist for one purpose, called Ohr Lego (carrying the light to the nations of the world). It should be a welcome example for mankind. And only then, Israel as a state has the meaning and justification of its existence. And not be otherwise, because in the world there are more than two hundred selfish states, to which another, especially not the most good?

According to our story (on which no one learns) - we were inevitably izgonyaemy of the Land of Israel, when addicted abomination. Which is not the criminal act, not in fornication or idolatry, and in mockery of his neighbor. And all existing anti-Semitism through the ages, is nothing more than the reaction of the peoples of the world, our sensuality.