WORK and poisons

(Based on the book SLAVE "Sha Schlawe Sulyam)

What is spiritual work? It is the efforts of two kinds:

a) against our egoistic nature;

b) against our mind, in faith above reason - believe that there is to rule the world, and only with good intentions. And this despite the fact that the material reality literally screams the opposite.

And these two causes produce resistance Selfishness our efforts *, and because the work seems so severe that a person can fall out of it, even in its course and did not finish his correction. Because the man is obliged to see in their work to promote the goal, which he imagines it, and if you can not see it (or it is not true), then decides that such work is not for him.

The fact that there are two kinds of help from above, without which it is impossible to reach the goal. ** This desire to know that there is a real desire and what it should be - to know exactly what the person should ask the Creator for help in anything. This situation is reminiscent of the doctors giving the patient medication, but not from the illness that he really is ill, and because it does not help. But if you know exactly what is behind his illness gets medicine and is recovering.


* This resistance is expressed in two questions, referred to as "snake venom". The first question is: who is the Creator, so I worked for him? Second - why should I work for him for free?

** It should be added that getting the true help from above, it is impossible as long as one does not understand that no one except the Creator unable to help him.