Religion in today's understanding, there a little more than 2000 years. Its birth is due to the general decline of spirituality in the world. In ancient times, the selfishness of humanity was much weaker than the current, and therefore it was impossible to be an atheist. The whole world is literally "breathed" spirituality. That is, it was part of the knowledge category and feelings, and not (only) the faith.

At the heart of sacred knowledge is the notion that for any material object is worth a spiritual root, which is working on, you can get results in the material. And it is the basis of pagan philosophies. Priests "agreed" with the spiritual roots and for the result to charge "customers." Classics of the genre is the story of Balak and Balaam. Nevertheless the priests turned to the particulars and selfish intentions, so all their rites and beliefs are considered unclean.

What distinguished them from the prophets? The fact that they were treated to wholeness, and not for its own sake. And we do not take charge. Although the prophecy as a social institution was different facets. In addition to "Neviim" it was also "Jose" - essentially psychics or clairvoyants who Wh looking for the missing goats. And not for pleasure. We should also note that some of the skills of prophecy could learn so there whole school of prophecy.

Let's go back a step. Our tradition says that Moses received the Torah at Sinai. That is despite the fact that the world breathed spirituality, the Creator, and there remained "behind the scenes". Because the question of faith is crucial. After all, only faith gives a pass to infinity, since she herself can be infinite. And knowledge (of the existence of Gd) breaks the circuit, so the Creator "had to" hide themselves.

In a sense, unlike the Jewish people from the other, lies in the fact that (in the merit of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), he looks to the wholeness, rather than particular. Interesting point - the people of that time was a "choice." Or go to the prophet, listen to notations on the need to change my life and do not get the guarantee results. Or turn to the priests, and to pay them without dressing, but with a high probability to get the desired result, or at least the illusion of it (though certainly all commits only the Creator, sometimes creating the illusion that the acts which the other force). So what do you think, where there were a majority of people (Jews Wh)? Not to the prophets ...

In 4-3 BC according to the European reckoning, the so-called wise men Great Assembly (Knesset aGdola) prayed for the removal of idolatry, who was one of the reasons * the destruction of the First Temple. And it has been removed from the world **! But to create a balance, it has been removed and a prophecy of the prophets ***.

Accordingly, it lost the feeling that the whole world is filled with spiritual. priests tricks no longer work. It was the collapse of polytheism.

This niche was filled with religions. The word "religio" means the recovery in Latin. Restore what? Communication with the spiritual world. But this is the ideal, but in reality non-vision and misunderstanding schemes led to the development of any speculative philosophies and false teachings, even monotheistic. Therefore, the "average Religion" is evil. And yet so classical approach to Judaism ****, it is not as a religion.


* It is an occasion, not the cause. After all, the reason for leaving in exile - the need to take "sparks of holiness" from the outside world.

** But why was not removed attraction to sensuality, is the second reason for the expulsion? Because all living beings cease to be fruitful. This again suggests that all the vices is no more than the result of selfishness. And not vice versa.

*** But the prophecy remains sages called Asagi (comprehension) and the Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit of Holiness). In its above it - in fact conditionally given credit for the sage. And if there is no prophet equal to Moses, the prophets, the sages do not have the above Ar "and.

**** This refers to the "higher teaching", not based on selfish motives crowd religion.