Love as PROBLEM WITH 5-Tew Unknowns

Jewish tradition says that it is necessary "to love every Jew." Kabbalah worsens - "come to love all people." Finally, "common sense" cools ardor - "because there are in the world, and the Jews and non-Jews-villains-righteous!" And in general - how can you love Hitler or Torquemada? Despite the fact that from the perspective of sacred knowledge, but mutual love has a right to exist ..

In fact, we are now able to easily reconcile these contradictory theses. And help us in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

What should I start with? Ah, of course - with the definition of love. Love is altruistic feeling, backed by action, bearing only the good object of love *. Basis love this similarity properties and qualities. In his absolute love is eternal. It does not relate to different types of symbiosis or a marriage of convenience. I love the way the concept refers not only to the relations between men and women. It is also a platonic (not associated with sexual intercourse) feel to the comrades, to other people and so on. Love is therefore identical to the correction. And when it comes to all the people, then it becomes visible to their pure spiritual root **. So how can you not love him?

But we know that not everyone loves the righteous. It is not possible to love someone with whom there is a difference of properties. And unrequited love has no right to exist - because either it passes or disappears SUBJECT / object of love. And then again rescues the vision of pure roots. At their level, all the love of all.

Well, go ahead. Now we need to understand what Israel from the standpoint of Kabbalah. Israel stands for Yashar Lehel - (aspirations) Right to Gd. Until the moment the global Corrections (referred to as the coming of Moshiach), we do not know exactly to whom a soul. So as they say - "there goyim-priests and priests-have goyim." And do not this level of understanding mixed with Halacha.

But for now, anyway, we do not clarify the matter completely. After all, there is one caveat: all right, with the souls of Israel is understandable, but what of those who do not seek directly to Gd? Just hope that when everything will be all right?

On the one hand, yes, but the other is not. In order to explain this, I use an analogy. It is said that the villains do not have a share in the next world. But at the same time not a single soul can not disappear, because the Creator loves ALL of your tvoreriya. The controversy however ...

Although in reality there is no contradiction here. While we were villains (ie, not fixed) *** - we do not have a stake in the future. But as to correct all, it appears. After all, we will cease to be wicked!

So it is here. In the end, all will gain aspiration for the Creator, and this will mean all the properties of similarity and therefore "all-out" love.


* It is the goal of the entire Torah;

** This root is absolutely all the world;

*** The villain in the language of Kabbalah, is any selfish. After all, from selfishness occur all the vices, evils of crime.