STAFF-toed snake-eagle

It is written in the Torah (Exodus 6: 10-12) - "And Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and they did as the Lord commanded, and Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh and before his servants, and (staff) was the serpent and. also called Paro wise men and the sorcerers, and did as they were magicians (sorcerers) Mizraim, his spells the same thing. and they cast each his rod, and steel (staves), snakes, and consumed Aaron's rod (snake back to become a staff), their staffs ".

This theme is very common with an episode of a staff Moshe, who became a serpent. Let's try to understand the meaning of skazonnogo given previously studied.

Staff called faith above reason, because relying on it can go towards the Creator. Staff, in Hebrew, "mate", a word related to the word "mat" - the bottom. In our world, valued knowledge, logic, rationalism. And faith in our contempt and feelings at the bottom of most important for us.

Aaron throws a stick on the ground. Land (Eretz) means desire (Ratzon). If you perform the Torah selfish, it will become a poisonous snake to man. But Aaron and Moses did everything to show the greatness of the Creator, and now again became a snake stick. And this middle line.

Egyptian priests used the same "stick" for selfish reasons - to prove that they are stronger! That is operated by the principle Clips left line. And, accordingly, were their staffs "sedeny" Aaron's staff, because The left line is included in the average.