Accelerate or in due time

(Based on the book Shamati)

It says in Tractate Sanhedrin - "Zach ahishena, le Zakho BE-ito" which means "if awarded, will hasten it (liberation), if not awarded, (it will come) in due time."

Objectively, from the point of view of the reality of God - everything is done by the Creator. But in the subjective perception of creation, it is like two forces opposing each other. Higher power, asserting that "the world was created for the glory of my (1)." And lower power speaking person, the whole world was created for him. Both material and spiritual, and this and future. This force is the desire to receive for its own sake.

It goes without saying that the higher power wins the low. And this situation is called "Way of Suffering" and "the road is long." How to say "put a king over you, cruel Haman (2)." And this step "will release in its time (3)." But it is possible to cut the road and "buy time." This is called the Way of the Torah and the stage, "I will hasten."

The Torah begins with the words "In the beginning ... the earth (4) was unformed and void, and darkness was upon it," and ends with "the sight of all Israel." At the beginning of our desires are void, chaos and darkness, but when we are corrected by the Torah and the commandments and good deeds (5), the Creator revealed light to the eyes of all Israel (6).


1. to create the world in order to reveal it (to set up) the glory of the Creator, that is their supreme delight;

2. Just as the beating of her husband, who does not want to give his wife a certificate of divorce. Beat until until you say "I want". So it is here. Spiritually, there is no compulsion, so send us the blows, until we say "we want to pull away from evil";

3. That is, By Manor;

4. Earth (Erez Hebrew) hints at the desire (Ratsonot);

5. In essence we are talking about correcting intentions. Good deeds for the sake of fulfillment of the Torah is called the Creator;

6. Light is revealed to those who are at the stage of Israel - Yashar Leelo (the one whose aspirations directly to the Bo-Gu).