It is written in the Talmud, in Tractate Sanhedrin (37a): "Adam was created only ... for the sake of peace between people, not to speak man to man:" My dad is bigger than your "and to express the greatness of the Sacred For a man coins a lot of coins and a chisel. they all look at each other and the king of kings of kings minted all people chisel the first man, but none of these is not like the other Therefore everyone must say.. the world was created for my sake. "

It would seem - everything for me .. so why do we go on about the dangers of selfishness?

Yes, because we are talking about the true identity of the person, not the ego. The world is a condition, sets the scene. He just created in order to allow members to act souls. After all, do not be an illusion of action and choice, our "final" delight, prepared by the Creator, it would be wicked sense of "getting khaljavnogo". So the world was created in order that I (my soul) has been able to pass their way to the goal of creation.

A talk in the singular (I, me) because only subjectively we are separate from each other. And objectively - we are all one "puzzle". The soul of Adam, if you want ...