Am haArets - The people (of the) earth. So we call a Jew who had little understanding of the Jewish world view, and especially does not want to understand.

But where does the earth?

Word of the Earth (in the sense of the planet, the country) - in Hebrew Haaretz / Palestine, related to the word Ratzon (desire). In other words, people on Earth suggests people (so) desires. And to be precise - to the people who live this desire. Please note that in our time this applies to most of the masses of religious than secular Jews *.

And what this "it"? The desire to receive for its own sake. So what they did not need the Torah - the only cure for selfishness. Not necessary - means that do not feel the need for it. And observe the rituals only in order to get a reward and avoid punishment. It goes in the form in which they are. And about the real reward and punishment, they have no idea.


* "Normal" religious egotist twice compared with the secular. After all, he wants to receive for himself even spiritual benefits, not only material.