important answers

(Based on the book Shamati)

Prayer is more important than the answer to it. A man goes to the prayers stage only when experiencing a shortage. And the greater the shortage, the sincere prayer, and the greater the force of the requests. And therefore the more a person is stuck to the Creator, and feels a great need for Him. And we can say that is the Palace of the King.

But when he receives the desired, already no shortage and no longer feels the need for a Creator. And no longer cleave to Him, and therefore "out of the King's Palace."

The question arises: how then able to complete correction, a person can be connected with the Creator if there all the time he gets? Answer: The full correction and there is a full and eternal merging with the Creator. After all, there is no difference between the properties of the Creator and the creation and razdedenie longer possible (as it is said - "People will not return to his folly"). After receiving the sake of the Creator, in fact renders the creation (and that is what he enjoys).