You can not even begin to talk with the debaters. And it is very difficult to accept, let alone implement. The author of these words, to my shame, too, is not perfect in this regard ..

The dispute does not create truth, because it does not attempt to comprehend it. The dispute - "mahloket" in Hebrew, that is "separation". A separation is a measure of imperfection, fragmentation, called Death, because it is the complete opposite of Life (Divine Unity). Argue - is not just to spend time and to show anger. It is their own hands to work to death.

The one who wants to know the truth, does not argue, and asks questions. But to help him, first of all need to grasp this truth. And I do not doubt it, even if it is contrary to logic.

Romans said - "In wine Veritas". That means "truth in wine." And they were right. You should not be surprised - even Rome (and Javan - Greece) is a complete opposite of Israel, the Romans knew a lot of things. The problem is that they are properly interpreted and applied them.

Wine - this is the second meaning of the word mystery. Jain and Sod Hebrew (their gematria same). Thus we can say that the truth a secret.

The truth is hidden, as it is said "Sod Hashem leYarav" - "The Mystery of the Creator for the trembles

them ". This is the highest secrets of the Torah, hidden behind the curtain of the external sense. After all, the truth can hurt not ready to accept it. So first we have to make efforts, creating a vessel for Truth.


PS I ask so do not be offended if I block someone for active dissent on my page or under my publications. Just do not want to breed controversy. Better not to talk than to actively grow apart.