On the topic of chapter Beshalach

1. Do not feed a horse.

"Worthy of the Egyptians kill, the best of the snakes break the head." These words from Mekhilta often criticized the anti-Semites. They say the Jews destroyed the best people from the nations of the world.

In fact, it explains how Rabbi Shimon (Bar Yochai), these words refer to the time when Pharaoh decides to lay a chariot and rushed in pursuit of ivrim, leaving Egypt. The question arises: where did the horses for his chariots, when all the cattle died during one of the plagues? Answer: I was God-fearing Egyptians who see what is happening took away the cattle in the stalls closed. And this piety of the best representatives of the Egyptians, and then almost went sideways ivrim. What can we learn from this story? The fact that kosher actions by themselves are not sufficient. You have to understand why and for what they do.

2. Women's Water

In addition, the head of Beshalach tells of the miracle hair loss Mans - certain nutritional substances which taste changes depending on the willingness of evshego.

In the language of Kabbalah Ma "N is Mayim Nukvin Women's Water translated Nukvin -.. It's just two women They are understood Malchut and Bina, which interact in the second cut (Tzimtzum Bet) Mayim Nukvin it.." The request of the Light ", which is Malchut ZA elevate, "climbing" * Bina who also gets (this is called a woman), but not for himself but for the lower "place" where "rise up" Lower called Sephira Daath (Merge, Cognition -.. in the sense as "Adam knew Eve"). But it is conditional, because Sephiroth ten **.

Interesting point: in the Open Torah manna fell on the ground. In Kabbalah - Ma 'n elevate the contrary direction. "Movement" is defined by the desire to Mana After Land (Eretz) hints at a desire (Ratzon)..


* In the language of Kabbalah "up" means to get close on the properties of the Supreme;

** as it is written in the Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzirah) - "their (Sephiroth) ten and not nine, ten of them and not eleven."