PHARAOH, SIHON and exhaust

In the book "Zohar" is written: "Said Rabbi Yitzchak:" Do not we found anyone else who would have hardened his heart before the Creator as Pharaoh "Said Rabbi Yosi." But the kings of Sihon and Og also harden their hearts, "He replied. Rabbi Yitzchak: "It's not that they harden their hearts against Israel, not against the Creator. Pharaoh hardened it against the Creator. "

What is the difference between these levels? Let's try to understand.

1. Step Sihon and Og. This hatred of Israel quality. In other words, to Yasar Leelo (right Gd) - i.e. to altruism, disinterested service. Here ego asks man a question: and what good do you want from the job? Or, well, be altruistic, but what do you get for it? But it still half-troubles. Ego have another way to confuse people - say that "though your intentions are good and correct, but how do you, a simple human strength and ability to be going through the greatest of the righteous"?

2. Step Pharaoh. Hatred of the Creator himself, expressed the question "Who is Gd that I should listen to him?"

"Pharaoh" entirely "inside knowledge", so get out of his power ( "Egypt"), it is possible only through faith above reason.