(Based on the book Shamati)

It is written in the Torah (the book of Deuteronomy, Chapter Ki Tavo 28:15, 28: 43-44): "And it shall be, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord your Gd, to strictly obey all his commandments and his statutes (.. .) The stranger that is in the midst of thee, shall be exalted above you higher and higher (...) it will lend to you, and you will not lend to him. "

What does the Torah here? About how our ego gives us the strength to work on the Torah and Mitzvot.

Commandments given to us for the purification of selfishness. It is their basic meaning.

Desire to receive calls Goy Gamur (goner foreigner). But when it is engaged in domestic work, it is called Ger (stranger). The newcomer among whom? Among Anshei Israel (people from the midst of Israel), that is, those who want to work for the Creator. Desire to receive stimulates us to comply with the Torah and the commandments, because it expects to receive an award. Both in this world and in the future. Therefore, "lends" our forces. And then "calls" to repay the debt - that is, enjoy the observance of the Torah. And if not, then ceases to give us strength, saying - "what's the use of pointless work, not bringing rewards." And towering over us and directs all our thoughts. And even so, it is able to force quit the Torah and the commandments, not benefiting from them. This happens if a person "does not listen to the voice of the Lord" - that is, does not clear his ego, even being religious.

Say more than that: in matters of purification by self-love, even more difficult than the religious to the secular. After all, the religious ego, requires twice as many awards - both in this world and in the future. At that time, as a secular material world only wants the best.

And it should be already clear about known errors, which states that the selfish observance of the Torah, will automatically lead to disinterested. Will not lead anywhere except the abyss uzhastnogo and ugly selfishness.

And that led to the selflessness, it is necessary to comply with two conditions:

- initially to understand that now you are selfish;

- sincerely wish to change, and ask for it. After all, without the desire, the vessel does not give results-filling.