TEACH and perform

(Based on the book Schlawe Sulyam)

Who are able to teach and perform * the Torah, in the full meaning of these words? Anyone who has assumed the power of the Creator. ** After all, the Torah - the Torah is the Creator, so how to teach it and to comply *** if you do not believe in the Giver her?

What does it mean to believe in a Creator? It means faith above reason. When in spite of the fact that the universe appears to us in an ugly and unfair form, a person believes that everything is done for the benefit of the Creator. And his way of management of the world - beautiful and perfect. And before we get to this state, we have no faith (except partial) in the Creator and His Torah, respectively, no. And we are at the stage of preparatory work.


* And what to teach and perform? To be cleaned by selfishness. It is written, I have created the evil inclination, and created the Torah - seasoning it. And also: the commandments of the Creator multiplied to cleanse Israel;

** To do this, satiated evil (to disgust, realizing that selfishness brings only suffering), lose the taste for the material (ie the receivable referred to as Gashmiyut - ie materiality), disappointed in everything, so much so, in order to understand that only the Creator can help. Thereby voznuzhdatsya only in Him that is synonymous with entry into his possession and taking his power without impurities power of something else;

*** Follow the commandments for their intended purpose. This level of Neshama deNefesh or stage Beria Assiya. And then there will be only one step, called the Torah, the middle line and the world Atsilyut and stage a "living soul" - Nefesh Hai.