(Based on the book Schlawe Sulyam)

It says in Tore, Chapter Balak "How good thy tents, Jacob, and thy, Israel" (Bemidbar 24: 5). And then there are two steps - Tents and shelter.

Tents of Jacob - a small state (Katnut). "How fair are your tents" - should a person be content available. And thanks to the Creator for having a small, both for the greatest benefit *, even if you do not see that the supreme governing justly and well. But this right line or Stone State in spiritual work. After one line is not enough.

The dwellings of Israel - it is a great fortune (Gadlyut). It is achieved by combining work on the right line with the work of the left line (when already see their shortcomings, rather than stay in the illusion of perfection). The left line outputs from the state of satisfaction that there is, but it gives an incentive to continue. However, the feeling of lack - a target for Qliphoth, so preference is given to the right line. Thus, combining the work of two lines, come to the center line, also called the Torah.