Kabbalah and the Vedas

From the standpoint of Kabbalah, the people of Israel consists of 4 stages, called Behinot. It Cohens (priests), which Sefira Hochma of the Partzuf Knesset Israel (Assembly of Israel, Shower). It Levites (assistant priest) - Binah. Then Israelity (normal people) - ZA and finally Hera (proselytes, settlers) - Sefira Malchut. Last - the most important, playing a key role in building the Partzufim and bringing it all light. The division into Behinot is based on the principle of inheritance (and you can not go into another category), which, if we dig deeper, connected with the "roots" of souls.

A similar pattern is observed in the Vedic Aryans. There is a division into castes (shops, prof.gruppy) and Varna (caste). There are four Varna: Brahmins (priests), Kshatriyas (warriors and Administration), Vaishya (the middle class) and Shudra (The Untouchables, laborers). The division is also hereditary, also can not be a transition to another Varna, but unlike the Jewish Behinot, and even impossible marriages between members of different castes. The most important here is the 3rd highest Varna, also called double-born (because they were certain initiations).

According to the canons of the Aryan society, a person goes through four stages in their lives. First Kama - comprehension of sensual pleasures (aesthetics, art, sex, etc.). This is the period of study. Then the majority - the comprehension of Karma (in the sense that learn to follow the rules of the Varna and caste to which they belong). The third stage - Dharma. This is the beginning of seclusion, gaining wisdom. Preparing to enlightenment. Physically, people who have reached a certain age, went into the woods, temporarily or permanently. But the final stage - Moksha, enlightenment, liberation from the sufferings of the chain (Samsara) and rebirth. And it is not clear exactly how it intertwined physical and spiritual aspects.

In the Jewish community as a person goes through four "sex and age" state. First - childhood (up to 12-13 years, depending on the floor) where there is no obligation to keep the commandments. This is just learning. The second stage - from 13 to 20 years. This is the age of the obligation to comply, but not the responsibility for non-compliance. Third - adulthood (20-60), when the person is not only comply with the law and shall be liable, but leads socially active lifestyle. Finally, after 60 years the retreat from worldly affairs and employment, it is time to focus on a particular spiritual aspects. This material grading. But the spiritual:

- before awakening point in the heart. The time of complete subordination of bad beginning;

- awakening point in the heart, the beginning of the war began;

- preparation for the Way of the Torah

- the actual path of the Torah and Correction.