Destroyer and creator

Explains Rabbeinu Baal Azul that all of humanity is divided into two "classes" - class destroyers and class creator. However, a common problem of all of us is that we are fighting with someone else's ego, not with her.

And yet - who are these Destroyers and Creators?

1. The Destroyers - those who largely guided by the desire to receive. Ego pushes them to the top of the social pyramid - of power, wealth and fame. Due to the magnitude of his desire to receive, they are more able to go "over the heads", have been reported by moral principles and therefore achieve success in this world. Destroyers of the same number of Jews - is the foundation clips Erev Rav (midline impurity). Strengths of this world, from which Israel robbery.

2. Creators - it's the contrary, those who one way or another seek to perform altruistic actions. Perfect righteous altruistic one, but there is a whole spectrum of people who not only receive but also give. But the more altruistic person, so usually it is less successful in this world, because the surrounding use it for their own purposes, and he can not use them.

But do not get from this despair. After all, the Creator created a variety of ways, using which you can get out of the abyss of evil and selfishness.

One such "patent" can be called a "tug of war". Here is the mechanism:

If the sages and saints of Israel occupied the Kabbalistic wisdom, it affects the ordinary religious people and they begin to massively attracted to selflessness. In turn, this affects the secular Jews, and they (willingly) tend to fulfill the Torah, and not for gain. Correction of Israel as a whole, makes an impression on people of the world, among which rise Creators and Destroyers downplayed.

But if the wise men of Israel left Kabbalah classes, "making the Torah dry and banishing from the world of the spirit of the Messiah" (the words of Rabbeinu Baal Azul), the religious Jews are immersed in the darkness of self-seeking compliance. What separates secular Jews from the Torah and embitters them towards religious. Then the people of the world react to the increase in anti-Semitism, because themselves are suffering from the fact that in their midst rise Destroyers.

Indeed, all the blessings and curses all come into the world because of Israel!