(Based on the book Shamati)

Short introduction. Jew sitting there (let's call him Reb Plon Almon) in his house, reading a magazine. And then notice in the window, which to him are his comrades. Immediately puts aside the magazine and takes a volume of the Talmud. So that his comrades have not decided what he was doing all sorts of empty cases, instead of the Talmud studies. But seeing him for learning, they pay him respect! After Reb Plon Almon every moment busy scientists! It turns out therefore, that all this study in order to receive payment from his comrades, and then the Creator is not needed ..

Rabbeinu Baal Azul tells a parable. A wealthy merchant got off the train, carrying a small bag. On the platform, as always on duty bearers, ready for a fee to carry passengers' luggage to the hotel. One such porter, seeing a rich merchant, decided that there should be at that huge store! He grabbed the biggest suitcase standing on the platform, and carried him to an inn. And when she came to the merchant asked, demanding payment. But the merchant gave him a small coin, which is usually thrown to the poor. He protested the porter, saying, I have spent so much effort, carrying the heavy luggage! And you give me a small coin, that the beggar and the beggar hesitate to give! Pay-ka me as it should be! I replied the merchant, Thou fool, because you're not carrying my luggage! If you were attentive to me (ie I would be important to you), you would have noticed that I have only a small bag, which however, is filled with jewels. But you need only to pay and you grabbed a huge suitcase someone else. Here go to him and require payment from him! And I say thank you, gave you a coin, even though you and it does not deserve.

What can we learn from this parable? It sometimes happens that a person is making a lot of efforts in the Torah and the commandments of Derech Eretz, and not zabyvet about the Book of Zohar, as well as about the book of Mussar. But it feels a weight and no taste. He turns to the Creator with a claim - they say I samotverzhenno serve you, but you did not give me a taste of the Torah! If you have served me, I would have felt pleasure from it. But since you work for other purposes, you hard. So go to for whom you work and it requires payment. And I told you so and give vitality and everything necessary for life, even though you do not deserve this.