It begs the question: how can we build a national state of the nation without? After all, Jews are an ethno-confessional community, which is not a nation in the usual sense ..

Moreover, the right contains the same "internationalist" thesis in the deep meaning of the Torah. For example, according to mekubalim (. Ar "and Baal Azul, etc.) the purpose of the scattering of the Jews is to bring souls Gere (Jewish souls in the non-Jewish bodies) A Kabbalistic meaning of the word Israel -. Yashar Leelo ((aspiration) directly to B -gu) that may be inherent in a man of any nation. Baal Azul explained that this step in the human soul. Like "the peoples of the world."


In this example, we are once again convinced that "simple" understanding of the holy books mirror opposite understanding of Kabbalah. After all, Kabbalah - a "look from the perspective of the Creator," while Torat Neagle - subtektivny view of creation.