Who is wise?

Why say that the wise and righteous is the one who wants to be a wise and righteous? How can this be?

Answer: There are two steps.

1. When a person feels like a sage and saint. In fact, it is his inflated ego tells him. The problem lies in the fact that the feeling "stuffed", the person ceases to want something. After all, light, filling the vessel, annihilates it. And if people do not want more than anything in the spiritual comprehension, the Creator, and he does not need. It turns out that in fact, this stage - the fall.

2. When a person feels the lack of wisdom and righteousness. And he suffers from this and want to catch (and therefore he needs spiritual advancement and the Creator). There is a rule: who came cleansed help. A sincere desire to correct things zaponyaetsya Creator. And since there is no time in the spiritual (but only causal relationships), it is already true that the interested person of wisdom and righteousness, there are wise and righteous. And though feels the lack of light bitter - this stage is booming!