Silver and gold

(Based Shamati book. Ma'amar 151)

The word "kisufin" (craving) is derived from "Kesef" (silver, money). In turn, the Hebrew word "Kesef" alludes to the Aramaic * "ahsif" (shame, shame). A shame in Hebrew - "the bush". Hence the conclusion Baal Azul formula "silver (money) is the shame."

But what does it mean in the spiritual sense? A: passionate desire is a shame. And what is "passionate desire"? Note that the phrase is in the plural. This means that a person has many desires, but to put it more precisely - many objects of desire but the desire for the Creator. And this stage of shame, because as long as the person does not come to the pursuit of the same goal.

But the "gold", which in Hebrew sounds like "zaav" alludes to "hav se!", Which translated into Russian means "give it to me!". "It" - the desire to move to the Creator. Alone. One and an ultimatum, "E-omka de Liebe" (from the heart). And these desires are filled with more than **.


* Aramaic and Hebrew, not just related languages. Aramaic is also one of the few languages that can be transmitted spiritual information;

** and there are three signs of the desire (and prayer):

- to know that you do not have the forces to achieve the desired;

- know that only the Creator can help in this situation;

- to know that if he does not help, can not live.