(Based on the book Shamati. Ma'amar 162)

Read chapter Lech Lecha (Genesis 14:15) - "and pursued them (Abraham) to Hobah, which is on the left of Dameseka (Damascus)." Direct meaning is: Abraham with svomi servants pursuing enemies, captured his nephew Lot. But then Hobah, which is on the left of Damascus, was not intended.

Kabbalistic meaning Pasuk is that everything has two stonony - right and left. The right side is the stage of the World. A left - step Gevura (rigor) and the Court, which are associated with the Masach (the power to overcome) and Aviut (thicker - ie egoism). Otherwise, it is called "Hove Vedin" (Sin and the Court). He pursued to Hobah, which is on the left of Dameseka - means "worked the left line." But he could not continue so on, because Damesek * alludes to step Hesed and right line in spiritual work.


* Dames (iii) the EC - the word Bear (the drink, pour). It is no accident in connection with this episode, earlier (Genesis 14:14) referred to Abraham's servant, Eliezer righteous, whom the Torah refers to the pupil (Abraham). Eliezer scooped and poured (shedola at-bear) Teachings of Abraham (Hesed, right line) to other people.