only people

(Based on the book Schlawe Sulyam. Chapter Terumah)

The Book of Zohar, (. To chapter "Terumah") are explained Rabbi Chiya about Legends: So loved by the children of Israel before the Lord, that He wanted to connect with them and made them a nation unique in the world, as it is written: "And who is like your people Israel - one nation in the land. " And also: "Because the Creator has given him and the rest of the ministers peoples and rulers over them, and myself took the people of Israel.".

And then there is immediately a few questions:

1. How to explain said: "And the people made them unique in the world" as it is written: "And who is like Your people Israel, one nation on earth." It's the people that is surrounded by the 70 nations of the world, and then because of the explanation - "one people", what is meant is done, it will be the only people?

2. Why does the Torah calls the Jews sometimes in the singular?

3. How to explain said: "Since the Creator with them?" It is understood that the rest of the peoples of the Creator gave ministers and rulers over them, and in his allotment took Israel. And you have to understand what it means that other people gave the kings and rulers, while the people of Israel took to himself?


It is known that the singular and plural in the spiritual explained by coincidence or mismatch properties. As it is written in the Torah (Exodus 19): "And there stood against the mountains of Israel." Rashi explains: "As a single person with a single desire." Therefore, it says "stopped" in the singular. But all the other stops were disagreements and disputes, and why it is written "and stopped" - plural. So it turns out that one - meaning that the properties. And since the state of Israel means that the properties with the Creator, and then said, "one people".

But why the Creator gave to other nations of ministers and governors, and their allotments took Israel? And the language of spiritual work to explain this with an example of the individual. At that time, when a person attributes everything that happens in the world only to the Creator, being sure that only the Creator does and will perform all actions - then he belongs endowed by their Creator, because There is no other force in the world. And at a time when he does not attribute everything that happens to the Creator, and believes that this is - a consequence of other forces other than the Creator, he is among the "peoples of the world", and then there is of it, "the rulers and ministers."