Pain and consolation.

(Based on the book Shamati)

There are four Testament *: Testament eyes (do not look at women), Language Testament (not to say Gossip), Testament Heart (go by faith above reason), and the flesh of the covenant (circumcision), which includes the rest of the Covenants.

When a man makes a circumcision, then it feels the pain (not yet healed flesh). Spiritually, this means the following: when a person receives clarification from Behina Dalet (Selfishness, called the foreskin), it suffers from the fact that he sees ways to further work (service of the Creator, which now he needs and which he now wishes). Why did not he see the continuation of the work? Because for himself is not willing to work, but for the sake of the Creator can not be! After seeing his perfect (do not have a lack of) and not in need of anything.

And then comes a consolation in the form of additional work. After clipping the foreskin is the correction (exemption from Qliphoth) 288 Nitzotzin (Sparks of Holiness), but there are still 32 that are only now can be corrected (32 in Hebrew written the letters Lamed and Beth that when reading gives the word Leo, which means heart. It an allusion to Lev Avon - Heart of Stone).

The Torah tells us about this in Chapter Weyer, speaking as the angels came in the guise of pilgrims, to Abraham, to be circumcised, and in pain. Every Angel (process of spiritual mechanism) carries out its mission. ** So Raphael was sent to comfort Abraham (and save Lot, that there are the same, as we shall see), other angels to destroy Sodom and so on.

Consolation Abraham is the destruction of Sodom. But how can that be? After Abraham even "argue" with Gd, begging not to destroy Sodom (though when he had already been destroyed)!

The overthrow of Sodom, Abraham is considered to be a comfort due to rescue Lot from there. After Lot occur from two fetuses, referred to as Stein Pridot Tovot (two good separation). But separation can be good?

From Lot to copulate with her daughters took Moabite Ruth (the founder of the lineage of David) and Naama Ammonitess. This stage Moh veLiba - Mind and Heart. Root hints at Raay (Vision) and is an indication of the stage of Moha (Mind, because vision is identified with knowledge, and it relates to mind). Naama (Nice translated) hints at "pleasing to the heart", pointing to the stage Lieb (Heart). And according to tradition, the two women are related to large revisions.


* Four Testament - in fact it fixes. And fixes only Malchut. And Malchut, at all levels, of which there are four;

** Rafael from the word "RFE" - to heal, to cure. But this angel could save Lot because there is a rule that "an angel performs only one task." And the thing is, that the healing of Abraham and Lot's salvation, there are the same. Offer is Behina Dalet, it Sefirat Malchut, which has a relationship with Abraham (Lot his "nephew"). Communication, which was not the wife of Lot (this stage of Ashes, it is Malchut in its place - the courts without the mitigation of Bina (mercy)). Therefore, it is said that she became a pillar of salt, glancing back. Looked back - meaning "behind Lot - ie Malchut behind, which has a connection to Abraham, which means ashes or courts in their place according to what has been said that." Can not exist like he created the universe measure Court, but he saw that peace and dilute it with a measure of Mercy).