Earth and ashes

(Based on the book Shamati)

Our sages said: In the beginning God created the universe like a measure of the Court, but I saw that the world will not stand and connected it with a measure of Mercy.

Alludes to is the text of the Torah in Genesis chapter. First, it is said, "Bereshit bar Elo-kim" (first created Elo-kim - because this epithet alluding to the Court of the measure), and does not say "Hashem bar." Then the Torah says - "the day of making the L-rd Gd of heaven and earth", where eating for two epithet * (Tetragrammaton and Elo-Kim), pointing to the Court of Justice and Mercy.

What is the measure of the Court? This Sefira Malchut in Tzimtzum (contraction), or in other words the rejection of the received light, from a desire to be like the Creator, who also does not receive. This state is called the stage of Ashes (Afar).

But the purpose of creation is to receive the created light (in the right way, that is, not for its own sake), so the process did not stop at the first cut. Measure of Mercy is Malchut, mixed with the qualities of Bina (receipt for transfer to other). This second cut, Tzimtzum Bet (reduction because split level Panim and Achoraim and Partzuf lost part of the vessel). And this is called the Earth stage (Adam).

The name of the first man (or rather the spiritual structure of the first person, because then there was no material world) - Adam. And it comes from the words of Adam (the earth). It is said that "formed the L-rd Gd of human ashes from the earth", and later "you are dust and will return to dust."

It should be understood so: creation process (Seder Ishtalshelut - "evolution") with the ashes of stage began (with the first cut). But Dust is connected to the earth (dust of the earth, or ashes of the earth) - that is, Malchut (Court Measure) connects to Bina (mercifully Measure). It is drawn Shnei Kavin Tikkun (correction of the two lines), but leads to a breaking of the vessels ** (Shevirat Akeley). Adam level is "the sin of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil." Therefore, after the sin is said that "the return to the dust." After the breaking of the vessels the process begins anew, as it were. There is a "volume of work" - the need to fix "broken" the vessel in which it is impossible yet again receive.


* Connection Court attributes and Mercy gives Amen stage (sum gematria epithets is gematria Amen), which is called "Faith, corrected the Jews." More about this can be found in the article of the same name.

** A partition is called receiving for himself.