Whales and crocodiles

Speaking about the creation of the world, the Torah says Wh following: all-yivra E-Kim and al-a-Taninim gdolim. Which translates as "and God created (referred to the Court attribute) monsters anymore ..". Chapter Genesis 1:21.

In modern Hebrew, the word "Tannin" means "crocodile". But the classical meaning of the word - Monster (sometimes translated as fish). There are allegorical explanation on this matter expressed by our sages. It sounds like this: Gd created China Levyatana and doe him, then he killed her and pickled for the righteous in the future. In fact, this "explanation" only adds questions.

Today we will try to decipher this "puzzle" with the book Shamati ( "I have heard"), composed SLAVE "Shem based on his conversations with the Baal aSulyamom.

It is said that the Creator created and hid the Light of Creation Goals (Ohr Hochma) for the righteous. For the future (le-Atid Lavo) means after all the corrections. Righteous - is completely revised, which may enjoy the light of the objective right (that is, for the sake of the Creator, but not for himself). Keith and his female (Nukva), these are the Monsters of the Torah. But why Monsters? Why such an awesome name? Because they belong to the Behina Dalet (Malchut), which is the most terrible and a strong measure of selfishness - the desire to receive for himself *. In this case the female is actually China Behina Dalet, and the Whale - Malchut in Reducing which has risen to Bina. That is the attribute of the Court (refusal of Light) is corrected with the help of Mercy (the received light to return to others). He also called stage "Lot, Abraham's nephew, rescued from Sodom."

Female China still referred to as "Lot's wife turned back and turned into a pillar of salt." Mortification and "salting" China female - is an allegorical allusion to the destruction of Sodom and circumcision. Which translated into "human language" means giving up the use of the ultimatum will to receive for himself.

The Torah The used epithet measures Court (E-Kim), which indicates that the light can not be obtained right now (when we are not corrected) and left for better times. After giving up of something or lack of something considered to be a measure of the Court. The point is not to completely suppress and destroy the desire to receive. And to fix it vector. C "for its own sake" to "for the Creator". From selfishness to altruism. But without desire it could not be any, because how then to get the light, having no vessels (whom is always optional).


* As stated by the prophet Yechezkel: "See, I am against thee, Pharaoh king of Egypt, the great dragon that lies in the middle of the Nile, and saying," My Nile and I made it for myself "(Ezekiel 29: 3). Pharaoh called an extreme form of the desire to receive for its own sake (Behina Dalet).