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(On Purim)

Confronting the righteous Mordechai and Haman is the central villain storyline Purim events. But whatever they may be opposites, still act in one.

They said the sages, Kabbalists of "Light of Aman in the vessels of Mordecai." And this requires an explanation.

Aman is a desire to receive for oneself (egoism), or rather - its extreme, the most severe form. Selfishness is bad, but if you factor out the vector of desire (for themselves), that in itself the power of desire s'ygraet positive role in the later *. After all, only the greatest force of the corrected desire to receive in the future, we can draw the greatest light and achieve Gadlyut (greater than or adult).

Righteous Mordechai it returns. This is very good, but not enough. Katnut (small state) in the sense of self-sufficient. He is well on what is, and is no longer willing. But the Creator planned to give his creation the greatest light! Therefore, without the villain Haman, Mordechai the righteous can not cope **.

Thus, by Mordechai taken "vector" desire (for the sake of the Creator), which is the vessel. And from Haman - the power of desire, which attracts light.


* Have cookies Gomentash taken on Purim (literally or ears of Haman Pockets). That's all we need from him - Ears / Pockets is an allusion to the vessels. But they must be corrected - it is written, "and brought the king (Ahasuerus) Aman". After all, it's time to fix. Then Aman be hanged (correction by Manor) and replaced (as courtier) Mordechai, which means changing (correcting) the vector with the desire to receive 'for itself "on" for the Creator ";

** Another evidence of the unity of all things and also that absolutely any phenomenon (event, person, etc process) exists only for the good.


Ones's complement.

Nazvarie Purim comes from the word Pur - the lot. At the beginning of the Megillah of Esther (Purim describing events) Haman casts lots, trying to calculate the date of the beginning of the extermination of the Jewish people. But in fact, the lot is more corrections, means faith above reason and trust the Supreme (when by the Mind can not go - they cast lots).