Explore the depths of the wisdom of the Torah (ie, Kabbalah), important to realize that's what moments. We do not know and can not know about the desires of God. It dosigaemosti outside our mind. But as to His manifestation (with respect to) us, which is called the Creator, then the indirect indicators (which is what the words of the Sages and comprehend), we can conclude that the Creator wants to carry the benefit of his creatures. But even this is not shown explicitly. And the material reality, as a rule tells us otherwise. That is the Creator's desire to carry the good, basically it is a matter of faith, not knowledge.

The second key point - the Creator is perfect, and therefore no shortage of anything. And therefore He has no need to desire to receive. And it was created in the works, because it can not be created - for then would be the lack of a single element, and the Creator (khas ve-Khalil!) Would not be perfect.

Why then say things like "bring joy to the Creator" or "He wants us to keep the commandments", and so on in the same vein? They say it is because such things relate to the motivation for us, who are made. That is, it relates not to the Creator, but only to us. After all, without the motivation we not lift a finger.

I repeat - it is necessary to clearly understand themselves. Because otherwise inevitably end up in the conceptual and ideological impasse. Or worse - of blasphemy and idolatry.