It said that the way the Earth precedes the Torah. In Hebrew, derech eretz Cadmus Le Thor. It is preceded, as a receptacle for the Torah of Light. Vessel, without which the light does not get it.

But what is it? What a Way of the Earth?

In the first approximation, we can generally say that it is a friendly and sympathetic treatment of people. But politely deceive a person, too, can. Therefore, Derech Eretz is not the teaching of Dale Carnegie (how to smile and deceive people to use them).

Path Earth is inextricably linked to positive action in relation to people. Ie with dedication, with causing them good. From a good mood to help.

The one who deceived with a smile - sooner or later will realize the deception and will take revenge. So just smile enough. It is necessary to cause good.

This step precedes Torah prepares to her. So often we see atheists who kind and polite and altruism of those religious who "consume" the Torah for its own sake.