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Metaphysical creation begins with Tzimtzum (Acronyms enjoyment yield). The point of this is to create shortages, which replenishment is the driving force behind all of our actions.

This is a general scheme, which is evident at every level. And public and personal.

For example, getting on the training path to spiritual work, a person assumes many restrictions. And straight (do not usual) and back (do unusual). The goal is not, that would not get, and to get right. That is not for its own sake. This two-step path of correction: first limitation (secret Sefirot of Malchut in Tzimtzum), then getting no to yourself (secret Binah receives from Sefirot Hochma and gave further down the chain). The combination of these two levels (rise of Malchut to Bina) provides the halfway line (pleasure-impact), which is the spiritual category. You could say a little in other words: it is Mashiach ben Yosef (the acquisition of altruism) and Mashiach ben David (correction of egoism), as well as the mystery of the two Sabbaths, the observance of which all the people, gives a general correction, as the sum of the partial corrections.

We have already govirili that one company or a person and the world - are structurally similar and differ only in scale. That is what is true at the level of the individual, and also works in the community and in the world.

Righteous and just society (called the Society of the Torah) involves a voluntary refusal of excesses. And then the mutual care and responsibility, as a derivative of receiving in order to bestow. And the Torah says about all this - sometimes openly, sometimes metaphorically.


In the history of our civilization we have been four public formation, according to the four Behinot (steps Hochma, Bina, ZA and Malchut) or four letters of the Name Unspeakable. This primitive society, slave, feudal and capitalist (bourgeois, industrial). But there is also the fifth stage - it is Keter, she is "kotso shel Yod" (forelock letters Yud). And this society of Torah. The only question is how we will come to him. Voluntarily or through suffering, which will force us to change.