Since the days of our forefather declared: Israel, the country belongs to the people of Israel. everything seemed to just .. But in fact, nothing is clear, because we must first understand what is meant by these terms.

1. Eretz Israel (Land of Israel) - in the spiritual sense means the World Corrected Atsilyut (from the word Etslo - "Him", ie, Gd). The material projection of the Land of Israel is the territory of the eastern Mediterranean, which occupies the space from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River and from Be'er Sheva to the Litani River in Lebanon. In the language of the Torah is "by Yardena before the Great Sea, and from Dan to Be'er Sheva." Eretz Yisrael-Atsilyut the place of stay of Jerusalem (Yira Slam - perfect awe), with its first temple (the level of Haya) and Mount Zion (the spiritual is an indication of the full correction).

There is a midrash (allegory) that the Messiah who died outside of Eretz Yisrael Jews proroyut yourself to move underground. In reality, this means the following: uncorrected achieved by correcting severe correction, called Ashes (land) under the feet of the righteous.

2. Outside the country of Israel - the territory of the "fertile crescent" to r.Tigr, the Sinai Peninsula and a number of other territories. They are the material projection of the 7 lower Sefirot.

3. Jacob and Ivri (Jew). This designation human spiritual condition behalf Small state (Katnut), where you can use a limited number of CMV vessels. In the Torah, Forefather Jacob / Israel always called Jacob, when he is outside of Eretz Yisrael. Ivri (Hebrew) means "gone over". Transferred (the state of "the animal who knows how to say" to the beginning of the spiritual work), but not yet preshedshego. By the way, Moshe Rabbeinu "did not enter the Land of Israel", because it was on the level of Neshama, matching the world of Beria (and Binah), rather than at the level of Haya (peace and Atsilyut Funny respectively). And the Second Temple (Neschamah level) was below the level of the first (level Khaya).

4. Israel and Judah (Jewish) - Adult designation spiritual state (Gadlyut), which completes the Partzuf, and you can use all ten vessels. Jacob called the Torah of Israel, when it is in the Land of Israel. Since this is a full compliance of the Light to their vessels. Judah also stands for "thanking" Gd "for all, thereby showing his complete righteousness and patches. The irony is that the word" f # d "(Judah) is higher level than" Jew / Ivry ". In B -n good sense of humor ...

5. The people of the world (anshei umot well-Olam, goyim etc) is called selfish state of man. It also has a relationship with the "material" the souls of men from the nations of the world (see. My previous article on "types of souls"). In general Partzuf (spiritual structure of mankind) they hold AXA position "P (Ozen, Hotham, Bae - Ear, forehead, mouth) or Achoraim (Back), which is the outer part of each step And the people of Israel -. Galgalta veEynaim (skull and eyes ) or the inner part of steps. It corrects the first and transmits light to the nations of the world.


The results.

1. The right to the land of Israel are-righteous Jews. The Jews did not achieve the righteousness of the level (there are gentiles in Jewish body), a kind of the same aliens here, as Arabs and others. It is viewed from a spiritual position. In the material we see, as a case of expulsion of the Jews from here, one of which continues to this day. But the Jews returned, representing the "outer part", which stretches over to the Inner Light.

2. As long as we have not reached the level of Israel, then claim a right to this earth, we can only conditionally.

3. The great benefit is that the Temple Mount is yet in the hands of the Arabs. They will not let us go there, in order for their corruption, we do not defile the holy place.