Venice or END

The sages said one man is more important than all creatures, because created after all, and in fact the most important thing is revealed at the end!

They objected to other sages man contempt of all, because the Creator chose him all kinds of creations ..

This is one of the most challenging tasks in Judaism - to reconcile these two approaches. they do not contradict to see one another, but are facets of the same. Well try to do so, keeping in mind the fact that we are now discussing the theory, but in practice (ie in sensation) is only available completely Fixes *, referred to as sages, the righteous and learned ..


- on the one hand, we have to love the other as yourself. That is, taking care of his welfare, as his. After all, without the love of creatures, impossible love for the Creator;

- on the other hand everything is done for the benefit of, a "human unit" so small and contemptible that no "millions of victims" can not overshadow the fact the global benefits that bring hard correction **, such as war, epidemics, disasters, tyranny, etc. .

So how does all of this be?

The universe is a one-man show - the Creator. And we the audience, whose main task to understand and love the actor, his script and the very idea. This is achieved Vera above Mind. The belief that everything is done for the good, even if the eyes are telling us the opposite.

The ratio of the viewer to another, also obsulovleno Vera above reason, but has as its object somewhat different. That is what we are all, in spite of the apparent discontinuity and dissimilarity, there are parts of one common soul. There is no other, and nothing stranger. Since it is possible to cause harm to themselves and to hate yourself?

As we can see, the basis of unification of these approaches is faith above reason .. This is the "patent".


* The same way to the correction in sosotoyanii reconcile predestination with freedom of choice;

** tough patches allow to go to remedial alternative way - by suffering.