practice makes perfect

Baal Azul was no socialist. But he clearly described the two positions.

1. Capitalism is further from the ideals of the Torah than socialism, with all the imperfections thereof. Just because capitalism is a society based on consumption for its own sake, and individualism. And socialism anyway, says about giving and collectivism (associations). In fact, even "simple unity villains" is very large in the "eyes of the Creator."

2. The version of "socialism" that we saw in the Soviet Union and sots.stranah (Bolshevism, military communism) is selfish stage when the general right direction aspirations (equality, fraternity, teamwork, intangible assets and so forth). This is the "first attempt", which is lumpy. And of course, this proto-socialism is obliged under-reborn in a righteous society. This will happen on two conditions:

- the moral degeneration of society;

- the rejection of atheism.

I can even say that this is one and the same. But the aspirations of the general vector is to be conditionally "socialist."

What do we see now? Selfish variation of socialism collapsed, as prophesied by Baal Azul (by the way, he harshly criticized Marx's error). But the socialist idea did not die. It got its continuation and development in countries of the civilized "capitalism with a human face", as Finland. A society of equal opportunities, a strong Social Protection etc. But the root of all of this in the events of the Bolshevik Revolution, which demonstrated two very important things:

- a society in addition to the capitalist;

- if you do not use the wealth for its intended purpose (to help the weak), then come in and take his ballpoint, even with life. And therefore better shared with people than hanging on the lampposts.

Though of course the general basis of the principles contained in the Torah (first of all in her internal implicit, Kabbalistic meanings).

Mankind daizhetsya towards humanisation, but not in a straight line, and with setbacks in the savagery and brutality. That does not affect the general direction of movement. Four formations have already been in the history: primitive, slave, feudal and capitalist. And the scheme of the universe is bound to be another - the society of the Torah, the righteous society, religious communism, etc. - as you like to call it.


It is therefore absolutely absurd replica hardcore who do not understand - they say, "Do you want to live in North Korea and Venezuela?". It's a look back (at the stage of deterioration, instead of looking forward (correction step).