What is the performance of the commandments? This is completely commanded the action, because it wants the Creator. It is inextricably linked with the overcoming of ourselves (after talking about his desire, not ours), which attracts light (commandments). But to fulfill the commandment is thus possible for the sake of itself. Say counting on the fact that now "give" to the Creator doing his commandments, and tomorrow he will reward you.

But if we do commanded, because we like it or not cause resistance on the part of our ego - that such action does not attract the Light and can not be considered as fulfillment of the commandments in the full sense of the word.

A performance of the commandments (because it wants the Creator) with the motivation for His sake - is a good thing (Meuse cent).

It turns out that all this applies to people who are still in the process of correction. After all, those who are fixed, there is no difference between our desire and the desire of the Creator.

Thus Performing commandments and good deeds is the Teaching of the Torah. Which need to be addressed and the afternoon (it's rise and good deeds) and at night (it's descent and 'just' Implementation of the commandments). A person engaged in the Torah in this way is called Israel. As the sages said that the Creator, the Torah and Israel one.

And then there's the Earth of Israel (Eretz Yisrael), about which I wrote in a recent article, "On the earth supplies." On the spiritual aspects of her look there.

But in the material sense Land of Israel, and the life in it are given by overcoming. Otherwise it would have been impossible to fulfill the commandment of the Earth's population of Israel (Shivat Zion). Therefore, life is harder here and gorche than in many other countries. And anyone who wants to follow the path of the Torah have to overcome here.

A quick and easy here either obese Righteous (after all it is fun, because they see that it's all for the good) or obese villains who generally have no relation to the Torah, or the Earth, is in the "off games".