the half-shekel

(Based on the book Shamati)

It is written in the Torah, in chapter Ki Tisa: "In order to calculate the number of Israel and redeem them, everyone should bring a half-shekel, both rich and poor, no more rich, and no less to the poor and it will reward the Creator. for the salvation of their souls. "

The purpose of creation - to the gratification of human real spiritual, eternal delight. Which can be obtained only through the prism of the impact, altruism. Therefore, when a person makes a half of work (referred to as the half-shekel) and works for the Creator, the Creator does its part (for a man) and a kind of "complementary" to him the second half Shekel.

And this is called the awakening from below - when a person wakes up to the spiritual work, the Over helping him to get up.

human actions (commandments, prayers etc) create a vessel that is filled with light of the Creator.

To bring the half-shekel of both rich and poor, no more and no less.

Rich is one who considers himself a rich man; and the commandments, and thinks that the Creator is obliged to answer to his prayer, and to help him, so you need not pray, because (he thinks), others do not have so much to do and Commandments , more than he needed in prayer. So why he would divert his Creator in prayer, because he and so is obliged to give him. And if he does not receive the response of the Creator, then all stops working. After prayer creates a vessel, and if you do not ask, do not be a vessel. And how did the Creator give him? Therefore it is said that the rich shall not give more to have thought that he had already given a lot.

And the poor is one who considers himself unworthy of help from above, due to the absence in his abilities, strength and pure intentions. And he can leave his efforts to understand the spiritual, saying that this way only for the gifted, smart, strong, hardy, ie "The rich."

Therefore, the Torah warns him that the poor should also give as much as he who believes has done a lot.