The Jewish holidays are fundamentally different from the events of the World? The first thing that catches your eye - something that the nations of the world the holidays bring with them the emancipation and rest, and after the Jewish and the rest should be more. After all, they imply additional restrictions (compared to weekdays) and the replacement of one type of work (material), on the other (spiritual).

What is the reason for the opposition? Universe consists of spiritual Roots (Reasons) Branches and material (the effect). The material comes from the spiritual, the branch grows from the root. In this they are associated. But at the same time, the first can not be seen, while the latter are open to our gaze, which creates a contrast *.

So, people of the world the holidays are to the investigation, in the Jewish holidays to the roots. Investigation (as we said above) disclosed and no longer need a job in their nudity. But the roots of us are not visible, and therefore need spiritual work ** on their disclosure.


* Baal Azul likened the spiritual and material printing and print (ie mirror opposites. Figure the same, but the other way around). Graphic display of the diagram is the letter Alef (א), consisting of the direct and inverted Yod line and separating them;

** Limitations of material desires, prayer, study, fasting before some holidays and so on.