(Based on the book Shamati)

During the meal, taken at first to eat fish, and then the meat. Among the reasons for this, there is this: unlike meat, fish does not require special training (ie kasherovaniya). Of course, we're talking about certainly kosher products. Just kosher meat also need to prosalivat removing residual blood and so forth.

The exodus from Egypt, the Jews somehow remembered it about the fish that they ate in Egypt freely and "free". Free. This means that "without the commandment" - that is, without kasherovaniya.

Fish has no arms or legs, essentially representing a kind of head. This is an allusion to the degree of Rosh (Head). And it also refers to Shabat stage. While the meat is correlated with the level Guf (body) and the Torah. Sabbath commandment given in the Marais before the giving of the Torah - that is Shabbat precedes the Torah, as the head (theoretical calculation) precedes the Body (practical action). Correspondingly fish belongs stage preceding the one to which the meat relates.