Let us return briefly to the subject of the Purim holiday. With only one purpose - to show that everyone knows the story line is the outer shell and not the inner meaning of this mesedzh TANA "Ha.

So .. what is behind the colorful history of the miraculous rescue of the Jewish people and the fall of the villain Haman? Let's try to examine this question in general terms.

Haman is said to desire to receive for its own sake (and not just a desire, and Behina Dalet - its most powerful 4th stage). His intention is natural that would destroy ( "break") the pure altruistic vessels, referred to in the Book of Esther, the Jewish people. Smash and destroy the means to receive with the intention "for the sake of themselves."

Righteous Mordechai is right altruistic intention (to receive for the Creator). Mordechai and his niece Esther, the wife of this stage of ZA and Malchut, which play a major role in cleansing and top it Partzufim (some spiritual structure) *.

Haman wanted to hang Mordecai on the gallows 50 cubits in height, but he turns out to be hanged on it. This is an allusion to the 50 Gates of Bina and their antipode - 50 Gate sewage. In a sense, sanctity and impurity can not exist together (similar to the way a person may not be good and bad in the same moment). Someone one is still alive, and the other hanging on the gallows. By the grace of the Creator, means we are not worthy, "hung" egoistic desire.

The vessels are cleaned (Scroll alludes to this, speaking of fasting and prayer) and two conditions are fulfilled complete correction **:

- the acquisition of a clean container;

- correction of unclean vessels.

Then comes "the scheme" refers to the light of Aman in the vessels of Mordecai. I mean, the strongest desire to receive, but not for himself.

Purim events *** archetypical, but only in the sense that they describe the overall correction technology. And is not that trying to see different interpreters who try to take the "plain meaning" and pull it to the events of our day. But TANA "X is not a history book! Do not ground it.


* Steps Z "A and Malchut are disclosed in the least, but attract the higher the light of their interaction is likened to a married couple.;

** Finding altruistic vessels is known as the Messiah son of Joseph. Correction selfish - the Messiah son of David;

*** It is not the fact that these events took place "in the real world." And this is not important. After all, their description is a "fur", holding a wine hidden meanings.