The Jewish rituals differ from the rites and rituals of the peoples of the world? What is the difference between the Kabbalistic meaning, practice and meaning which give shamans their actions are different, "magicians", psychics, izoteriki?

The answer to these questions contains several facets.

1. The sacred rites of the peoples of the world, usually aim to influence the spiritual worlds, processes, designs. The purpose of the soverschayuschego Jewish ritual, to work on himself, causing a positive (in global terms) qualitative changes. After all, light is unchanged, but changes only vessel.

2. We, the Jews believe that everything for the good, because somehow it all leads to the complete remedy. Therefore, the motivation of our rituals - exclusively for good *. Meanwhile, among the peoples of the world have rituals, curses and other actions aimed at causing harm. Of course, even this leads to the common goal (hindering private corrigendum), but here it is important only that it refers to the ritual of the one who produces it.

3. The Jewish rituals are performed for the sake of the Creator. ** We bless before and after the action. First praise of the Creator, then thank Him. For that he commanded us to do this, for what is the cause of our actions. This can be compared to how a person who helped his friend, thanks for the fact that he was the cause of doing good deeds.

But the nations of the world committed ceremonies tend to yourself. Again, important, not a formal goal (which may be a super-kosher), and man's relation to his action.

4. The Jewish attitude to the result of this: Gd always responds to our "inquiry", but if the answer - "no." Furthermore, we thank and bless even that a household of egoistic position may look like evil. After all, Gd always works for our good, even if it is felt by us as pain.

The peoples of the world is often said that God or "spirits" are silent, angry, or worse revenge ***.


* Do not be taken seriously to tales of "pulsa dinura". A "Birkat a-min" is actually blagolovenie and desire correction. And I obsnyal is detailed in an article in the past years;

** And if you are not done for the sake of the Creator, you are considered "PSUL" - "Rejection";

*** But in the Torah, and many Jewish religious books, too, says that Gd can be angry and to administer retribution! How to understand this? The fact that books written in the language of people, otherwise we would have not been able to understand them. And as the "descent" in the lower worlds, meaning the Torah ogrubevayut in our perception. In other words, the Torah of our world and the world of Thor Atsilyut is the same Torah, prostno its perception here other than a fixed perception. Say smernaya penalty killer for us is his punishment, and from the standpoint of the higher worlds - large correction is performed for the benefit of the murderer.