And you sing ..

"... And you sing, and were satisfied, and bless" (Torah, Devarim 8:10 Ekev head).

Comment Sulyam in the Zohar (Chapter Terumah) reads as follows: "How happy Israel, to whom the Creator, and brought him to her more than all the other nations, and thanks to Israel he gives his power and saturation of the world, and if not for Israel, the Creator would not give food the world and now, when Israel is in exile, much more, and the whole world is fed and saturation doubly -. to left of them was enough to fill Israel. "

This is one of those occasions when you need explanation on the comment. What we now turn.

Israel here - the altruistic desire and the peoples of the world - selfish. Altruism is closer to the Creator than selfishness. Therefore it is said that Israel brought more than others. Power - Light, that is, filled with desire.

In normal mode, light comes from the highest to the lowest. That is the stage of the World Peoples received by Yisrael stage. What was said - "thanks to Israel he gives his power and saturation of the world."

But during Tzimtzum Bet (second cut) Malchut rose to Bina and stage divided into two parts:

1. The inner (upper), called Panim (Person), and Israel (directly Gd);

2. External (bottom), called Achoraim (Back, Back) and Umot aOlam (Peoples of the World).

This was done Wh in order to create the effect of a spiritual "lift" as we'll see later.

And bottom of all levels fell preduschuyu stage, to where its upper part. That is, Israel appeared together with the peoples of the world, or in other words, in the Diaspora, Exile. This creates an entirely new transmission scheme of Light. Now the top of the stage (Israel) receives no light from the Supreme, but from the bottom of the (people of the world). And it turns out, according to what has been said that "the people of the world get food, to have enough to Israel".

Then, when Tzimtzum Bet is canceled, all of the stages of return to their place. But Achoraim Supreme tighten with Panim and the lower, that means more qualitative similarity between the stages. So Lowest may "gain" of spirituality from the Supreme.

And if we project this scheme on our world, then we come to the conclusion made by the Arizal - for no other purpose not expelled the people of Israel from their land, except to gather the sparks of holiness in the lands of the world.