On election

The Torah (Exodus 19: 6) The Creator addresses the people of Israel with the words: "and you will be my kingdom of priests and a holy nation." And this requires an explanation.

The phrase consists of two parts. The first (a kingdom of priests) a description of the work. A second (holy people) - a description of fees *.

The Creator does not like people. This man, hiring another job, says little about the duties, but luring award description. Creator on the contrary - the work describes in detail (this description is contained in the Bible, the Zohar, and in thousands of holy books), but the reward speaks figuratively. Holy people - at once it is very vague. **

So what is a kingdom of priests. The Coens have almost nothing, their destiny - Service. So we all have to be like them. Do not desire anything for himself.

And Moshe Rabbeinu was told - "is not diminished and will not increase." That is not to frighten additional descriptions complexity of the work and do not turn away the material scarcity of rewards (or rather none at all material cost are not available. This award is strictly spiritual).


* It has recently repeated the Rabbi Gottlieb;

** On the topic of the word Goy (nation) - sm.tut https://alex-gorstein.livejournal.com/174254.html