Oh, those DISPUTES

What is the difference Sages discussions (called Dispute in the name of Heaven), by disputes of ordinary people? There are at least three differences.

1. Purpose.

Sages discussions aim to establish the truth, to reveal its different facets. Disputes ordinary people are intended to prove their case, present themselves as wise and fool the opponent.

2. intention

The dispute for the sake of Heaven - it is for the sake of Heaven. A debate of people - for their own sake.

3. The composition of the participants.

In disputes for the sake of Heaven participate sages. And in ordinary disputes those who thinks himself wise.

It is worth remembering that the word ANI (I) and the word EIN (no, nothing) consist of the same letters ..


That's why I do not tolerate disputes under their own publications? Very simple. If the reader is "not on", what "his" opinion, he may have? And if "in the subject", much more. Disputes students are prohibited, and we are with you when podiskutiruem become sages.

But here is to ask questions not only possible but necessary! After all, the question is a vessel that is filled with the answer! And in order to answer that, I'm ready to write at night.