DP properties

What is hate? This feeling is caused by the difference between the properties and qualities. And the greater the difference, the more hatred. There is no hate for no reason, and what is called Sin'at hinam (hatred for anything), it is "sin'a les Avodat Hashem Baie hinam" - reluctance to work "for the Creator" without selfish interest.

And all the talk about unity, there will be only talk, as long as we do not catch up on the properties and qualities.

Of course, be compared, it can unite the righteousness or wickedness. Now thin vote "irony" of Heaven: righteousness is easier to do than in wickedness. After Evil and Unity are incompatible, oddly enough. Although we all know that criminal gangs, and other criminal junta communities do not have peace and harmony. People who bite their components like spiders in the bank. Between villains possible temporary symbiotic relationship, but love and unity and do not see as their ears.

All the matter is that the root of villainy - egoism, a property which does not tolerate anything else but I'm your vehicle ...