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Spiritually it is called that is not intended for destruction - namely, the quality of bestowal. Accordingly, the subject material is referred izcheznoveniyu. And this desire to receive for its own sake.

Spiritually, there is no physical space, so it is considered to place the existence or reality (in Hebrew Matsiyut). Not by chance one of the epithets of the Creator is the Hamaca - This Place. After being identified with the qualities of the Creator, and all of them considered the opposite (in his lifetime) dead.

Spiritually, there are different stages. All those who rose to the same level, they see reality the same way. But here, as in the material, where there are people who know the subject in general and those who are in charge, and particularly like. Therefore, the hidden secrets of the Torah, teach (transmit spiritual knowledge) the one who rose to the same level with the Masters and in general is this stage. It is impossible to teach the one who is in a different place.

But there are those who "stood up, he saw and did not understand anything." This material has a good example. For example, a man for the first time saw a bizarre mechanism. And although he sees his image, but has no idea of its structure and operation.