The word "tower" is translated into Hebrew as "Migdal" (highlighted letters root). This word is related to the word "leGaDeL" (rise / be) and "Godel" (value).

The word "Bavel" (Babylon), can be translated as "mixing" (from the verb "leitBaLBeL" - "confused, mixed"). Thus Babel Tower (Migdal Bavel) is the essence is "to raise confusion, confusion."

What is archetypical of this story? The fact that when our ego (our I) grows "up to the heavens," the Creator "confuses" us all "cards".

What is happening in the world today? Relying on technological progress, both on crutches, our egoism has grown enormously. With us what is God? We can turn the tide of the river ...

And now, for 2-3 weeks, the strongest fall of the economy, shaken society with a large margin of safety. The whole world comes to the strange movement! Not war, not disasters, but somehow insignificant virus, of which millions - like a little finger Creator bring down the tower of our ego ...

And it's good.