A little more to the wranglers ..

Material possessions are NOT intended for the enjoyment of them, because the category of material identical Egoism (the desire to receive for its own sake). Therefore, they are given to us for their "processing" - ie, to return, to help others.

And to enjoy the spiritual benefits are intended (ie, altruistic), which get to yourself is impossible.

It follows that the material goods - it's like "punching bag", on which work out methods of behavior in the spiritual world.

Therefore there is nothing strange in the fact that wealth is sometimes given scum, and righteous people live in poverty.

(Note: that-be fully "rode" in this issue, we must also take into account the conditional choice between the path of Torah and the path of suffering, and the concept of necessity-sufficient (Nahuts) and redundancy (Mutarot)).

And a bunch of work - the result of broken spiritually, because otherwise we would be doomed to eternal selfishness, working on himself for the result.