(On Sidra Shemini)

The Torah, in chapter Shemini (Leviticus 11) are the general rules with regards to the permitted and prohibited in animal feed.

Here is a living creature .. - the story begins with these words. The sages asked why the nations of the world can have everything they want, and the people of Israel can be eaten so little animals?

Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki (RUSH "AND), the greatest commentator of the Torah, the answers contained in the Midrash Tanchuma answer this is a parable that says the doctor comes to the patient and if the patient is hopeless, the doctor allowed him to have everything he wishes, but. if there is hope of a cure, the doctor gives instructions as to what can and can not eat.

The parable is good, but how to understand it? What is its inner, Kabbalistic meaning? Let's face it.

We have repeatedly been taught that Israel in the language of Kabbalah means Yashar Lehel - aspiration right to Gd. That is the desire to merge with the Creator of qualities. And this quality of bestowal (and receiving in order to bestow (for the sake of the Creator, which is not deemed to be received, because of their altruistic orientation). A "people of the world" are called properties of Selfishness, obtain for themselves. And accordingly supports these qualities. Let me remind you, these definitions are transnational, but this approach is not taken into account in the "outer Torah." but this it not now.

Baal Azul says: Israel can be fixed provisionally on its own, * and to Gmar Tikkun (the end of universal correction) ** and the peoples of the world only the "arms" of the Creator and only Gmar Tikkun. I hope that now becomes understand the meaning of the parable.


* Course and correction of Israel in the hands of the Creator, but here we are some kind of "sight" of what is happening;

** Phase correction is called Israel the seventh millennium, which means 7000 spiritual changes. And it has nothing to do with physical time. Gmar Tikkun, this 8-10 th millennium, they are also spiritual change, not years.


Link - text of chapter Shemini with comments. RUSH "And